What Exactly Is Cell Release?

Since the vast majority of my clients are remote, over the phone, there is a very good chance we may never meet in person, however, since the release sessions are interactive, you, your energy and I will become intimately acquainted, yet you will still be able to maintain as much privacy as you choose.

E very cell in our body is programmed from birth to store every thought, belief, or experience we have throughout our lifetime. While many of our cells contain life affirming experiences, many contain issues or experiences which continually hold us back, or in some way have a negative effect on who we are today.

The process begins with Robin connecting with your energy.

This begins the release of unwanted subconscious habits and thought patterns from the more than one hundred trillion cells in your body, that are not supporting you in having the best life you can possibly have.


Dear Robin,

I have been working with you doing cellular release therapy for a few months now and I just wanted to thank you for your gift.

It is clear to me that you work with some powerful healers from the other side and that you have developed a wonderful gift of helping others release from deep within our cells what we no longer need to hold on to and what in fact we no longer want.

I do feel like this work is helping me a great deal in my unfoldment.

I am very fortunate to have found you and I appreciate you.


Grapevine, TX



How Cell Release Therapy works is simple; you will be guided to inhale and exhale three times, this is done to help you relax, this is NOT Hypnosis, you may close your eyes if you wish to, but will be completely awake at all times.

You do not have to tell me what it is that you wish to release, some clients find it helpful to give me a general idea, however, this is not necessary and makes no difference to the quality of your release.

You will be asked a couple of quick questions and this will begin the release process, since I am able to be in touch with your energy during the release, You will guided through the process, it does not matter if we are sitting across from each other, or on the telephone, I am still able to connect with your energy so the process will be the same and so will the results.

When the release has finished we will then begin the process of filling the cells from which we have just removed habits and thought patterns which were not supporting you in having that which is in your highest and greatest good.

These cells will be filled with new, life affirming, thoughts and colors which will help align you and help bing you into a happier state of being, thereby giving you a complete release..



I am thankful I found you.

In the first week of working with you, I lost a lot of stress and felt happier.

When I stop to think about how far I have come, I realize some of the changes I have made.

I had suppressed my emotions so completely that I never even knew when I was angry as well as many other feelings.

Now when anger surfaces it is acknowledged and I deal with it.

Anger is obviously not the only emotion but it is one of which I am very aware.

I am at peace and am enjoying life more than ever before.


Loretta In Oklahoma




My name is Lee R.

I have had stomach cancer plus I'm HIV positive.

Even though I have been stable for several years, I continuously have to deal with the severe side effects of the medications. That has included: feeling weak, renal deficiency, chronic anemia, severe allergies, insomnia and depression.

Robin started working with me in October of 2010, and it has been amazing how stronger and energetic I have felt.

I have also been able to decrease the dosages for several of my medications.

I can feel a big difference and I really appreciate Robin's work.

I feel very fortunate that I kept an open mind and that I was willing to place my faith in this energy healing method.

Thank you again Robin for your work .

Lee R.

In Nevada



Is it really that simple?

Yes it is, I've tried to make it more difficult but that
just didn't seem to work as well.

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Be good to yourself, you deserve it.